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Is this a lie or am I too sensitive?

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on Feb 22 2019 at 19:54
Member since: 18 February 2019
Relationship advice Truthfulness is the most important thing in a relationship. If you have a situation where your boyfriend has been historically less than fully transparent but seems to have really changed, what do you think of this below?

He is supposed to transfer money from a non interest bearing account to a money market account - this money is all he has in terms of assets and it's a limited amount.

He tells me he will transfer all of it except some vacation money he insisted he wanted to pay for an upcoming trip of ours.

When I first asked him he said he transferred most of it but wanted to leave some in his checking account to cover a few things until he got more payroll deposits. That was a month ago, so is this a lie? He never bothered to transfer a good share of it into the savings and the money is just sitting in his checking account. This may seem trivial but I will NOT MOVE forward with him if I hear 1 more lie!!

He wants to marry me so money transparency is critical. Am I making too much of it?

What do you think?

Is this a lie or am I too sensitive?
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on Feb 23 2019 at 10:36
Member since: 04 May 2018

I don't so. He's done what he said would do. Have more payroll deposits been made? If so just remind him; time to transfer the remaining money. And yes, you're making too much of it. A "gently reminder" to him should do the trick.

Is this a lie or am I too sensitive?
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on Feb 28 2019 at 02:34
Member since: 28 December 2018
Agreed, anyway why is he withholding? Confront him to show his bank account details? But yes do not take one more lie.

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