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I found out that I am pregnant

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I’m encountering a stressful problem right now. Don’t know what to do! I am pregnant and I don’t know how to tell my mom. I know that she will get angry and might cry, I don’t want to hurt her. And to my boyfriend, he accepts my pregnancy, but he’s stressful too right now coz’ he don’t know how to get enough money to support my pregnancy. That’s our problem right now. We’re not even ready for this, but it’s an accident. He wants to apply on a call center job, and accept the contract money for 2years. But how can he leave there when he got a call from the agency he’s waiting for a long time, his course is marine engineering and his family also waiting for that coz he’s their only hope. That’s got me so really stressful! I don’t want my mom to be sad and disappointed since she trust me about this thing before. And for my boyfriend, I don’t want him to sacrifice, and leave his dreams. I just want to leave and be alone from far away and not to contact them anymore. Im so stress right now..

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