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How do I know if I'm making the right decision?

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on Mar 7 2019 at 19:46
Member since: 26 March 2018
Relationship advice My boyfriend is totally in love with me for the last 6 years and I love him. He can sometimes be a bit possessive but for me the real issue is that he wants to live and marry me soon. I'm hesitant and not sure why and the reason may be the key to me moving forward with him or not.

In my mind there are a few possibilities including:

I lost my husband to cancer 7 years ago and I thought I wouldn't survive the aftermath. I had a slight nervous breakdown and still suffer from reliving all of the events from diagnosis to death and beyond. If I marry again, this may happen again.

My bf works and collects social security but has almost nothing saved for retirement. This alone makes me very anxious. I have enough for a comfortable retirement and this may mean I can't enjoy my retirement the way I would like to (i.e., having financial resources and time to travel and live elsewhere).

Notwithstanding the above, he is the kindest man I know and loves my kids and family. We have a good sex life and it seems all he wants to do is make me happy.

Do I give up on him? If so, will I regret it (i.e., have to support him after he no longer works)? How do I decide? I need to tell him something soon if I decide not to live with him/marry, because he expects it to happen this year.

How do I know if I'm making the right decision?
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on Mar 7 2019 at 23:47
Member since: 07 March 2019
Personally if u have been together 6 years and you have not felt the desire to be with him forever and never miss one night of him being beside you.... he isn't the one for you. If u have all this apprehension then u have unresolved issues in your own life and I personally think u need to focus on that. If u have apprehension then follow that instinct. Never go against your gut feeling.

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