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I am frustrated with my small brother

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on Mar 8 2019 at 05:31
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Relationship advice So my mother passed away 3yrs ago when I was 21 my father already passed when I was 10 now I have this huge load of responsibility on my shoulder then I have my asshole brother who does nothing to help me just sitting around and playing games and stuff he rarely goes outside home he has bad friends who invite him to drink smoke weed etc he is 20 yes now and he drinks,smokes a lot whenever I try to tell him what he is doing is bad he beats me up I can't fight back because of medical condition and he doesn't care I work with very minimal wage and I barely can afford myself with anything I know I I leave my house he will understand what I am going through may be it will take time but I was hoping would anyone kind enough to advice what should I do? Thanks in advance.
I am frustrated with my small brother
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on Mar 8 2019 at 13:21
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Sounds like he’s not willing to change at the moment and I don’t like the fact he is physical towards you when you try to help him, especially when you have a medical condition. He should also be supporting and helping you too. Working together is what should be happening not him being aggressive.

Im guessing he’s like this because you’ve both lost your parents at young ages? he does need some help but he’s not be ready.

I would distance you self from him as much as you can at the moment and live your life the best way you can and not follow him down is his bad path. Don’t tell him he’s doing wrong from now on, he needs to learn himself.

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