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When do you know to leave someone you really love?

My boyfriend and I have been together for several years and we are in love with each other. But, there has been ongoing issues regarding the wide disparity of our incomes and assets which is more important now that we are a few years away from retirement. He wants to marry me and I won't do so because I am really afraid of the financial repercussions. Even to live with him I'm really nervous about if I"m setting myself up for misery. He works and collects SS so he can pay his regular bills; but for vacations, etc. he needs to dip into his savings which is starting to dwindle away (about $20K left). That's all his has to his name even though he has been much better about budgeting and keeping his bills to a minimum. He also saves about $200/month for savings. I have sought out a lot of advice in regard to this major dilemma. Some folks say love is really hard to find especially at this age (I am 61) and so I should take my chances. Others people tell me I'm looking for trouble and I should just date him forever and never live with or marry him. Is that the only answer? How do you get yourself to leave someone you really love? It seems contradictory and wrong to leave someone over $$?

When do you know to leave someone you really love?

well, I dont think you have to marry him to show him that you love him however, I also dont ever think financial shoudl take over your love to not marry him. You only live once and if you do love him 110% you both will make it work I feel and whatever he can do to help pay for the wedding is great! This is just my opinion though. I hope to hear from you soon :) Take Care and Good Luck!

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