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Brexit difference

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on Mar 25 2019 at 18:23
Member since: 25 March 2019
Other advice The other day I posted on Twitter about my view on Brexit - I know this subject along causes differences. Her dad commented on my tweet, he really disagrees with my view. My wife then got angry with me for having a different view than her dad and her. I have never told anyone how to feel and even support free speech. She is convinced I'm in the wrong for having a different view.

She hasn't spoken to me all day and is making me feel like I'm in the wrong. I have explained to her that people have different views and you have to deal with it and not get angry just because people feel different.

Am I right in standing my ground, I'm not trying to force my opinion on her.

Brexit difference
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on Mar 26 2019 at 12:54
Member since: 10 March 2019
You're absoloutely right in standing your ground.

No need to fight about it really, but definitely no need to change your view solely because someone doesn't agree with it.

The days when marriage meant altering your religion, views and so on to exactly match the other person are long gone.

It's more just about respecting each others opinions and views. Although ideally they would roughly match up anyhow. Just as a basic aspect of attraction and compatibility.

But depending on which aspects of it you happen to be focusing on, brexit isn't necessarilly an issue where differing opinions should drive a wedge into an otherwise happy marriage.

I guess what I'm saying is. Are you sure that's what you're really fighting about? And if it is? surely life is too short for that.

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