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Complications with mum moving out

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I would like advice of if I should move out and what the best option is? Should I rent with a friend, go into a share house or put deposit on house.

im 22 , still living with mum to save up for my future , but it’s the constant cycle of her and I fighting, it’s her way or no way, she doesn’t see any one else point of view, she emotinal abuses me it’s a negative environment she doesn’t want to change her attitude or see someone about it. At least I am seeing a therapist

what do you think my best option is of moving out for my mental health and to be happy??

Thank you

Complications with mum moving out

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Some of the best times in my life were when I was living in share houses when I was a little younger.
Depending on your personality, at 22 you should have a blast.

Renting with friends there is obviously more of a certainty of what you're going to get. With strangers it could be great for your mental health or could make it alot worse.

Living alone has it's perks. But there's plenty of time for living alone or with a single SO later on in life. You also mentioned saving up for your future. That'll be harder on your own than in a share house.

As someone who has been in all of the situations you asked about my advice is, at your age, go for sharing with a friend or like-minded friendly strangers. Enjoy the spontaneity, wildness and fun of it for a while.

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