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Emotionally and physically drained

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Emotional advice About 4 years ago I was living with my emotionally abusive mother (passive aggressive and I believe a covert narcissist). Things were intense between us and I was in no contact with my father for over 6 years up until my mother 'conveniently' arranged a reunion without my consent, which was incredibly stressful and I feel she disrespected me and disregarded my feelings and boundaries. She also had me see a Psych. who has encouraged regular contact with both family members. Am not sure she understands the dynamics in my family...? She also insists that I am entitled to social assistance, which I also don't understand...I don't believe that I am entitled to taking other people's hard earned tax money...? Also, have a friend who I confided in (she's an older lady-70 years old) who also doesn't quite get my family situation and I kind of regret telling her about my personal life but I hadn't had any friends in about 15 years and needed someone to hear me out at the time. Have also been living in an apartment that turns out to have been full of black mold...I get terrible muscle cramps since last summer, not sure if it's from that but I am generally drained. Haven't had a holiday/break since 2004 :(. I go to see a T. but haven't seen her in a while. Am supposed to go to Art Therapy class on Monday with that older lady friend but I'd kind of rather go to a counselor to talk but I was sick last 2 weeks and did not attend the group. Just a bit overwhelmed. Would appreciate some support.

Emotionally and physically drained

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Might be worth looking for a counsellor who knows about narcissism. Doesn’t sound like your counsellor knows a lot about it. If you feel liked he or she isn’t right for you then hey probably aren’t.

Firstly if you were in no contact with your dad my mum should not of tried to control that. My dad is a narc so I do understand. I have always felt anxious when I’ve had to se my dad. So that wasn’t fair.

they are draining people and its best to get the space you need from them because they do lower your confidence and self esteem and they can make you feel worthless.

There are books and you can google to get advice. To be honest the best thing to do is educate yourself :-) .

go out with the friend you made and go to the art therapy class. Join a book club or something you think you might like. Discover yourself and make ale friends. It will bennifit you in many’s ways :-).

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