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Thoughts of ending a 25 year marriage to my husband

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on Mar 30 2019 at 22:31
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Relationship advice I've been struggling for years now, I've not been happy for a very long time, we've been married nearly 26 years , I still love him but feel no emotion towards him anymore in that way , which I hate as he's a lovely husband , we've been through so much , more so myself with deaths of both parents and the suicide of my brother , and a huge barrier went up and we've drifted apart now are children are 22 and 24 , he's never been very loving and cuddly and since the children don't need me anymore I noticed it more and I need it now , after talking about it , he's tried but when he does try to hug now , I shrug inside and I hate it as I would love to stay as a happy family , but I'm not happy and feel the gap has gone to far now and I do feel I it would be best to separate , but I'm crushed at the thought of telling him and my children and hurting them but for 2 years I've only been hurting myself by not being honest , has anyone been through or are going through this as I feel so alone with not having my mum to talk too

Thoughts of ending a 25 year marriage to my husband

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on Apr 3 2019 at 20:55
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35 years is a lot of investment time. Too bad things got to become a “gap.” Life and family can do that to us.

The kids are gone, (dog dead?) parents no longer around - and you now look at each other and think: now what? Or yikes! Or I’m out of here. Or now it’s time for us to reconnect and have a 2nd honeymoon.

Divorce is quite common after the kids are gone. But that doesn’t sound like that’s what you want. You say you still love him and want to be happy. There’s hope there.

So learn how to fall in love again with the help of a professional marriage counselor. Good luck.

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