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Question about legal rights regarding a medical institution

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on Mar 31 2019 at 00:35
Member since: 29 March 2019
Legal advice Hello,

I would like to ask about what an individual's legal rights are regarding a hypothetical situation such as this: someone is hospitalized involuntarily (mental health department) by a narcissistic parent (that may not be a legal issue but in any case) and emotionally harassed by nurses (who consequently apologize for their lack of professionalism toward the patient); the patient is given intraveneous treatment by more than 5 different nurses who are seemingly unable to complete the rather simple procedure; the OT belittles the client (same patient), tries to manipulate a negative reaction when relaying certain news and acts with lack of sensitivity and tact; and the Psychiatrist forgets significant details (offers medical advice to this patient and within one month forgets that this recommendation was offered). Furthermore, the doctor encourages regular contact with the emotionally abuse relatives. The patient then suffers emotionally and psychological distress thereafter. Just wondering if there are any laws that can protect a person in this situation? Thank you kindly for your responses/feedback.

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