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Confusion with ex

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My ex last night, whom I’m still friends with, said “I need you” to me last night. We were talking about how things are going between us as we still always fighting and he said he wants us to try to be better than this, I need you.
I asked if he would get back in a relationship with me down the track and he said “yes I’m happy to get back with you in a couple months if things are going well. I still love you with all my heart”
It’s nice he said that but it goes against what he said last week “we are friends or actually closer than usual friends with intimacy and emotional connection”
I’m just flat out confused
Please help.

Confusion with ex

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I would take it very slowly and obviously, whatever you’re fighting about need to be resolved before anything else.

If he’s condricting himself then he’s clearly confused too.

It’s not just about what he wants, it’s what you want too. Some distsnce and concentrating on your life I think will help you. If you start socialising with friends more, or if you social life is good then do something that you’ve always wanted to do. :-)

Confusion with ex

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What does he mean “in a couple of months if things are ...”?

Then he says an immediate “I need you.”

This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s keeping you waiting until he’s ready, “ in a couple of months, if ...”

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