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How do I stop wasting my time?

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Other advice I have a very bad habit of dreaming too much.
I spend many ours in a day just dreaming.
I dream about being rich, having a ripped body, dating a super hot girl, having a good family and what not.
Dreaming about which college to go, which girl to date
Also my dreams keep changing. Sometimes I want a laid back life, sometimes I want a super active life.
I dream about small things like where should I live and all.
Then I go search about it on the internet and start fantasizing about it.
Basically I end up wasting 7/8 hrs every day doing this bullshit.
The truth is I don't even know what I want.
Also I realize I shouldn't be thinking so much about the future.
I am just 20 years old and I am planning my retirement.
I know I sound a lot crazy.

The biggest problem is, I do nothing to achieve any of my goals.
My attitude is that I will figure shit out and then I don't and again stuck doing nothing.
I have my exams in a few days but I still cant study, I have been trying to lose weight since 5 years but have just increased my weight.
Basically, whatever I am planning to do, I don't do at all.
I just sit and think about it.
My entire life has become a dream.
It's like I am living in a different world.
I think too much, fantasize too much (which has led me to spoiling my relationships with a few good female friends (because in my dreams I made them my wives) ).

Someone please help me. I need to get out of this mess.
I know I am a smart kid and can do great wonders in life but I waste all my time and end up doing nothing.
Please help me, I need to stop thinking and start working.
Even while I was typing this, my mind was constantly wondering about what my life can be in future.
I need to stop daydreaming.
Sorry for making it long.

How do I stop wasting my time?

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Hello! I’m only a few years younger but I hope whatever I say you get something out of it..

I’m going to focus on the literal fact you are constantly imagining different scenarios in your head, as what this tells me, if you were to cut down on that/ stop it etc, your general day to day interactions with others will improve.

What are your favourite hobbies? What do you like to do? Ask yourself, “can I actually make this happen?” Because if you can, it will bring you so much more satisfaction as you will literally be living your dream. It sounds to me like you absolutely know that you’re wasting time but you just can’t seem to take your mind away from that loop. I have experienced similar instances.
An idea for you would be to get a large sheet of paper, and mind map your thoughts. Set a limit for yourself. Day by day you’ll eventually cut down, because you’ll realise it is a boring task, OR, you’ll turn it into a checklist.
An example- centre heading for the mind map is ‘daily tasks for the next week/month’ or a number of ‘ personal bests that will require training and thought processing by the year 2025’ with different branches coming off of those.
You can set it for one mind map a day, turn it into something productive, use your creative and in depth thought processes to complete something for that day.

I hope you took something away from this :)


How do I stop wasting my time?

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Congratulations on your seeing that you are unhappy about all this.

You are capable of so much more!

Imagine : 7 or $8 per hour x $50 hr (your worth) = around $400 per day you are losing each day.

Jordan Peterson has produced lecture videos that speak to young men about their lives and productivity and self esteem. Check them out.

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