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Blackmailed and betrayed!

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on Apr 14 2019 at 10:05
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Long Distance Relationship advice I got to know my girlfriend in a club. I was in another country and those were 3 amazing weeks.

After 5 month she came at my home, and we went on summer vacation.

After 6 months I went at her home and we started to live together. After 2 weeks of living with her she got sms at 2 at night. I got up and couldn't understand all, only lovely words (Cyrillic letters as she is from east Europe) but I just saved the number,as it was written up in the screen. Next morning I said her about this.and she started act like psycho. I asked her who is this person? After a lot of fighting and discussion she said her ex! I said show me sms, and they were speaking all time together. Reason was that he blackmailed her and she felt sorry about him. He has age of her father. I said it is not your ex if you still communicate with him. I start to feel bad about this story and came back in my country. She started to blackmail me as she will kill herself, show me video where she cut herself etc. I felt bad about this, and had communication with her.

Now I came at her home and I saw photo of "her ex". Fight with her all night and she says she loves and needs me, but my gut doesn't feel calm and secure anymore.

Leave her forever and stop with her blackmailing me? It will be hard for a new beginning, but I think will be better. for having time to read and answer to my story!

Blackmailed and betrayed!
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on Apr 14 2019 at 15:43
Member since: 14 April 2019
I know its tough but it sounds like you did the right thing leaving. She hasn't fully let go of her ex. It seems as if you are her rebound in a way. Or at the very least she has feelings for you as well and cant fully decide. I would say it may be toxic and just let her go....but im horrible myself at letting go. So for what its worth Go with your gut.

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