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I am in love with an escort

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on Apr 15 2019 at 03:55
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Relationship advice I met a girl about 2 months ago, actually it was on valentines day. This girl was an escort that i had a date with. Over the next few weeks i began seeing her almost every day. It was during that time where i fell hard in love with her. Knowing she was an escort who had a drug problem, i decided to tell her my feelings, and surprisingly she felt the same about me. So i lied to her and told her i was okay with what she did for money and continued to see her, we would go out occasionally but for the most part we would hang out in her motel room. Until one day she had been drinking and decided to go on a date to the room beside hers while i was there! We talked after and she told me that she wanted to stop escorting and just be with me. So, like any love struck fool would do, i moved her into my house to start a life together. About a week after she moved in i got curious and checked the escort ads and noticed that she posted one the night before, so i downloaded a free texting app and booked a date with her. She claimed she would never have gone through with it though and we talked all night about our feelings. Fast forward about a week and she started behaving differently, by going out at night while i would be in bed, although she did claim she was interviewing ladies for her escort agency which she still runs today. I started getting suspicious and decided to go through her texts ( i know i should not have broken her trust like that but i had to know) and discovered that on those night she was out, she was with men on dates. Naturally i confronted her about it today and she shut down, she wont talk to me, she wont look at me. I think she is embarressed about getting caught. Here is the tricky part, i know i should end things, but today is her first day with no drugs and i really love her and want her to be clean. My question for you is, do i help her get clean and sober and then end things? Do i end things now to avoid a potential relapse on her drugs? Or do i help her get clean, and see if it was her need for drugs that was making her act the way she did? I have never felt this way about another person in my whole life, i would die for her if i had to

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