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What do I do

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on Apr 15 2019 at 05:44
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Relationship advice I need some advice..... This guy I have known for 30 years and been down for the whole time is gonna make me go off on everybody.... He knows I have him no matter what I mean I have never left him hanging or done him wrong.... I am the one who got him out of jail this time.... Well when I got him out of jail we were good.... I know he is not a one woman man or so I thought... anyway he met a girl called me on the phone and wanted me to met her so here I go.... ok I meet her and we both explained to her who I was I am his homegirl, his best friend, his ride or die, his girlfriend, his wife if he goes down on some years.... she said she understood so all was good then about 3 days later I hear they are together as in no side pieces just them.... and this dumb ass is gonna take her out of town with him while he goes to work pipeline.... I told him you don't know this girl like that he said I will get to know her... Alright I have been really aggravated with him and he knows it.... I will not sleep with him anymore I am not as nice as before... I have put 30 years in on him and some bitch he met on line for a one night stand is getting the best of him.... I saw him earlier and he said we have got to talk about this so ok let's talk.... nope he is still avoiding that.... but I know what I want to say but kinda scared too because somebody is gonna get there feelings hurt.... He says he trust me more then anyone and would do anything for me.... well all I want is respect, and half of the love I give and show him... And ask what is wrong with me.... why do I get pushed away every time he finds a new whore of the night.... And who the fuck will be there when he goes back to jail/prison..... yes I love him he says he loves me but we are not in love.... all his friends and his son tell him he would be better with me but he always goes for the stray homeless ones and over looks the one who actually gives a shit about him.... anyway I do not want the I am stupid advice I want real talk...I know I am a dumb ass but I will never turn on him just need to back up and be heard.... thanks for letting me rant!

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