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Should I be upset

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on Apr 23 2019 at 12:55
Member since: 23 April 2019
Relationship advice I need to know if I’m in the wrong here to be so upset. January this year my partner of ten years went out with his mates on a boozy night out one guy he’s known for five years the other he’d met maybe twice before anyway this guy he hardly knew booked the three of them a holiday to Bali fast forward the end of March, my partner surprised me with a holiday to Bali for my birthday which is at the end of April, I was so excited I love Bali, three days later he tells me that he forgot he was booked on a holiday with his mates which was booked for the 1st of May and he forgot all about it even though he would have spoken to this one friend pretty much ever day, to say I’m furious is an understatement as we’d been talking about going to Bali all year, now I’m not talking to him I’m just so disappointed that he tells me this five weeks before he’s going, it’s pretty much damaged this relationship, am I wrong to feel this way I need some answers
Should I be upset
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on Apr 24 2019 at 13:08
Member since: 27 December 2013
I could tell you that some guys are notorious for scheduling screwups, but that’s not going to make you feel better.

You can now schedule your special vacation later to make it even more perfect.

(And don’t let this guy take care of the details LOL)

Should I be upset
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on Apr 27 2019 at 11:56
Member since: 04 May 2018
Hi- Why would your Partner of 10 yrs take a vacation to Bali without you? Maybe he should cancel the "boys trip" and apologize for being insensitive and vacation in Bali with you. If he prefers not to; then take a girlfriend with you and have a GOOD TIME :). Two can play this game.

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