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Confused lady

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on May 1 2019 at 14:02
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Relationship advice Hello.

I met thus fuy some few months ago and we became friends fast. We started talking and he seemed interested in me. So he asked me if i would get involved with him if i found out that he was with someone. Asked him what he meant and he said he is staying with a lady out of convinience. That she fot pregnant with another man and the man left and he decided to take up thw role of raising the child. Asked him if anything goes on between them and said no. Only to find out that he lied as that same woman gave birth to triplets this past week and the kids are his. Asked him why he lied he told me i would not have believed him even if he told me. He still asked if i would have a problem with the arrangement. I said i wouldn't have any issue. Nothing has happened betwwen us. Apart of me wants to but apart of me is thinking of the other woman. For them to have kids means they have been having sex and i dont buy that story of them sleeping in different rooms. We have shared our life goals together and we are helping each other with making the plans work. Am confused on what to do. Yesterday we almost had sex in his car. We kissed but not as much. He calls me babe and all but i block them because i know it is just a phase in his life. He also wanted us to have a day together alone but something came up and we postponed. I need someone to tell me the truth and how to work around it.

Confused lady
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on May 3 2019 at 07:19
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I was the girl at home and he will spin it that you wouldn't leave him alone he will call you a stalker and all kinds of shit run and run fast away from that loser trust me he wont leave her or stop trying with you you have to end it.

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