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Grindr mishap

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on May 1 2019 at 16:14
Member since: 23 April 2019
Online Dating advice so i joined grindr kind of as a joke, cause im straight. but like now im kind of questioning. am i a fake gay if i found out through grindr? also like i dont really know how to flirt with men. any tips? also blowjob tips?
Grindr mishap
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on May 16 2019 at 14:23
Member since: 16 May 2019
I'd say don't necessarily flirt with anyone, just have open and honest conversations with them and get to know them regardless of gender. Just show an interest in spending time with someone and ask them for a coffee or something. It's hard to misunderstand when someone asks you for one on one conversation. If you're worried as being perceived as fake, don't forget that most LGBTQ people realise their orientation, or feel comfortable being open about it later in life, not from birth, because of enforced norms. Chances are they will understand that you may be confused and possibly the best people to talk to about your feelings. Sorry no tips, not a fan haha =) wishing you luck

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