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Too friendly clerk

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on May 2 2019 at 11:03
Member since: 02 May 2019
Other advice My boyfriend frequently patronizes one gas station near my home. One clerk who always seems to be working when he stops, flirts, will even walk out to check out what he may be hauling in his truck, and seems to enjoy banter with him a bit too much. I trust him , but I feel she is too Friendly. What should I do or say if anything?

Hateful hanna

Too friendly clerk
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on May 3 2019 at 07:13
Member since: 03 May 2019
Never trust another female around your man since this chick is not a friend you can just drop im tryin to think of away of getting her out of the picture without you going half cocked at either of them. She knows he has you as a gf? If so then she is overstepping. I cant tell you to do what I would do cause I am not sure getting her fired is at all cool. Maybe try and ask him how else he knows her did they go to school together maybe there is another reason she is being friendly maybe they worked together or knew her from the neighborhood. You could also when you guys are together try and get him used to going to another place.....thats my best.....

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