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What to do?

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Relationship advice So there's this guy and we've been talking for a month. He complimented me and told me that he fantasizes about me. What does it mean? I don't have any relationship experience that's why I want to know your opinion about it and maybe, give an advice on what to do. Thank you.

What to do?

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That means he wants to fuck you.
If you also want to fuck him, I suggest buying some condoms and get him to invite you over for whatever you Like to do in a quiet atmosphere

Cooking dinner together perhaps

Then you start touching each other and eventually kissing
And that would lead probably to having sex with each other.

I would also advise to wash and shave your legs and (carefully) gentinal area. Use some cream afterward in order to not erode your skin.

You also might tell him you are a virgin and nervous and that he should be careful with you - if you want that.

Do not expect it to turn into a (lasting) relationship.
It may. Or maybe not

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