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You can't help everyone

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Emotional advice All I tend to do is help people, even when they dont want help.
Because I care for them.
But hes a grown man, hes going to have to figure it out on his own, right?
Background: a guy I care about deeply is in trouble. And I always try to help him out. Ive given him money, helped his family out, I do everything for him. Well as much as I can. But he has to be the one to help himself.
I basically just wish someone would tell ne that I just cant help everyone and sometimes I need to just let then figure it out.
Any advice? Am I right?

You can't help everyone

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Theres nothing wrong in helping other people out :-).

Some people are takers and never give back, not even in small little ways, more likely they start to rely on the person. And I think it also becomes frustrating when they don’t try to help themselves.

You can be there emotionally for him but i think since you feel like this, consider stopping financially and tell him.

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