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Divorce or stay

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on May 18 2019 at 01:55
Member since: 18 May 2019
Relationship advice Been married 23 years and had enough. Husband is a selfish man in my eyes and die not care about my feelings. Its always me who seems to be all over him in bed Where's he keeps a distance and does not really make me feel satisfied. Take tonight, I was all over him again and I did not get much back in return. Had to tell him like I always have were to touch or kiss me, I'm really fed up with it all. I said I'm obviously not a 20 year old anymore and I have wrinkles and middle aged spread. He's had prostrate cancer so as to use a pump which takes up to 10 minutes to get it ready. It is of putting what's happened to him but in my eyes I feel God as got him back for doing wrong in life. We are supposed to to be moving to a privately rented accommodation soon and we both went to the estate agents to say we would take it on but I asked him if I need to sign the agreement as I would rather not and just live there. Could I still live with I mum. but that's mostlydoen n u ill
Divorce or stay
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on May 19 2019 at 12:32
Member since: 19 May 2019
I have been having a similar problem with my husband of 11 years. He is selfish, controlling, jealous and self centred and I've reached a point where I'm deciding its better to be alone than with a spouse who constantly breaks my heart. If there was a chance your husband could change I would say give your marriage another chance. But honestly, when you look at his age and how long you've been together, its obvious he won't change. So the final decision should be yours. Are you ready to spend the rest of your life unhappy if you remain with him or would you rather spend the remainder of your life single and happy. The choice is yours

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