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Mom died leaving me the entire inheritance, but there's a problem...

My mother passed away recently and left the entire estate, house, and everything to me. I am the sole heir. Here’s where things get interesting: I have a sister; my mother’s birth daughter. Unfortunately, our mother hasn’t trusted her own daughter since she got addicted to hard drugs, broke into our mom’s house to steal around $80,000 worth of jewelry and family heirlooms to sell for more drugs. My sister has been in prison off and on now for my entire adult life, and frankly I’m quite embarrassed by her. We effectively have no relationship since I don’t want to be a part of that lifestyle. I’ve been thinking for a very long time to avoid splitting the inheritance at all with my sister. The problem then becomes retaliation, and she has the means and connections to do so very effectively. I want to keep the house and rent it out for monthly rental income, but I’m genuinely afraid my sister will destroy the house out of spite, even though she is legally not allowed to get close to the house due to a long-standing restraining order. What should I do? Sell the house and invest the money differently? Rent it out and hope for the best? I really don’t think I will split the money or anything else with my sister.

Mom died leaving me the entire inheritance, but there's a problem...

What exactly keeps you from discussing this in exactly those terms with your sister?

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