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Spouse keep changing every other month

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on May 27 2019 at 22:25
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Relationship advice We have been married for 6 years, after so many years of wondering why I’m a bad husband; I start thinking- my wife ask me what her favorite food was and this is when a light bulb went off, I didn’t know because every month or so, she changed, her food changes, different diet, different hair and skin products, want a new house, want a new car etc, any change she makes, goes away with the next change, I can’t keep up and look like a fool; please help!! What is this condition? She 14 years younger and says I’m stuff in traditional way of life
Spouse keep changing every other month
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on May 28 2019 at 00:31
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Why do you think you are a “bad” husband?

Most people would have a hard time keeping up with a person who acts erratic. Perhaps she has ADD or is compulsive.

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