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How to get him interested??

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on Jun 8 2019 at 02:36
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Relationship advice I have been into this guy for around 5 years. We went to high school together but went to different colleges. I go to one 2 hours away, but he goes to the one in the town that I live in outside of college. He’s going for architecture and I’m going for art and design.

We were super close in high school and would joke constantly about being the mom and dad of our friend group and how we should date, but I don’t think he was ever really interested in anything other than a close friendship.

We sill talk occasionally and are still good friends, but we don’t see each other as often as we like. I still consider him one of my best friends. We have the same interests, sense of humor, social views, and our families even like each other.

He invites me to his lake house occasionally and we’ve gone to dinner together before. I am totally comfortable with asking him to hang out, but I don’t know how to make it clear that I’d like to be more than friends.

He is the only guy I’ve ever been really interested in dating. I can truly see us together for a long time. He doesn’t date around either and is just a really friendly person. We are heading into our senior year of college and will be planning for our futures quite soon. If we ever were to get together I’d like to to be sooner rather than later.

I really want to show him that I’m interested, but not to much because I don’t want to ruin our friendship if it gets weird. How do I get his attention and show that we would be great together? Also, is there a way to get him interested?

If this is important, I’m a Pisces and he is a Taurus. :)


How to get him interested??
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on Jun 16 2019 at 10:05
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Physically escalate

Means: touching, looking into each other's eyes and lingering sometimes a moment longer then necessary

Without being touchy

For the woman there is also the stretches and little features men find absolutely attractive.

Teasing him a little here and there, but in a funny and friendly way.

How to get him interested??
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on Jun 17 2019 at 00:01
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I agree. Start flirting. Put the bait out.

Accept that if you are interested in him and he doesn’t respond, you should move on if you want romance.

He could be gay or disinterested in romance or already committed.

No sense wasting another 5 years!!

How to get him interested??
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on Jun 21 2019 at 15:06
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Wait. 5 years?

Oh god

Well one good thing is

You are patient lol

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