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Mysterious dilemma about school

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on Jun 10 2019 at 10:16
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Education advice Hi,

So I have this situation where I took a course in makeup artistry (it was one week long, but that doesn't really matter I don't think) many years ago and I completed it and got certified (I have the portfolio and certificate of proof) but on the website of the makeup artistry school they posted the group graduation picture without me (although I know that I was there for the group photo...at least one of them-think there were only two taken). And I don't know what to think or do because I want to take the course again to get re-certified and I really liked the style of teaching and that it was an intensive program but feel that it is unprofessional that they did not include one of their graduates in the public forum. I feel like: "did I do something wrong when I was there?". Makes me feel uneasy and I doubt myself and them too. Not sure what to do...Would really appreciate some thoughts so I can get passed this block. Feel like I can't talk to anyone about it cause it just seems too strange...feels like I am a ghost or discard :/ .Thank you.

Mysterious dilemma about school
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on Jun 14 2019 at 15:49
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Stop overthinking.

Email them and let them know that you would like to be on that public picture. Tell them that you're proud you got certified there and see what reply you get.

Enjoy life and be happy.

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