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Do you stay with a partner you love but is financially irresponsible?

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Relationship advice If you’re in a situation where you’re in a very loving relationship but want to move forward by living together what would you do if your significant other had a history of somewhat mismanaging their money. They generally pay their bills on time but they seem to barely break even at the end of the month and sometimes or a bit in the hole. On paper they shouldn’t be struggling like this but they don’t gamble or spend money on luxury items. They just seem to be a bit behind no matter what they earn. But this person uses the elderly mom's money to pay some of his bills - not clear if the mom knows or not but she's on Medicaid.

You are very budget conscious and you never find yourself in that type of situation and in fact budget yourself so well that you save money.

Would you trust this person to live with you even if they have a hard time in any particular month paying all their bills in full and may even run slightly behind? You were gonna be relying on this other person to pay you a share of the household expenses and expecting them to live up to their promise to you without excuse. If they claim they have become more responsible and that you should trust them would you? Or would you not allow them to move in or possibly break up if you’ve given them multiple chances to address this issue and you have something to lose if they move in but they don’t?

Do you stay with a partner you love but is financially irresponsible?

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Read this same problem Like last week, was just worded differently, try stick to one thread. Your clearly very undecided and have been for a while.

If he’s paying his bills on time then what’s the problem? Not everyone is good with money and some people might not have that good with money in the past and had problem.

I think as long as he learns from it and doesn't continue to make the same mistakes and go into debt there won’t be any issues.

If he continues to be consistent I think it’s ok.

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