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Co-worker/supervisor bullying me

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on Jun 13 2019 at 01:43
Member since: 13 June 2019
Work advice Hello, I had a confrontation today with a fellow worker who is also my supervisor and who has been bullying me for many years. Today she was very aggressive, yelling at me and she was so close to me as she yelled that I thought she was going to hit me. I kept my calm and helped her with what she needed with a calm voice. Her boss who is also my boss just looks the other way and says that I am being too sensitive. He always says she’s right. What Can I do? I recorded her without her knowing just to keep evidence.
Co-worker/supervisor bullying me
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on Jun 14 2019 at 15:32
Member since: 28 June 2017
Quit and find another job!
Co-worker/supervisor bullying me
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on Jun 21 2019 at 22:00
Member since: 24 May 2019
Find another job. Then quit

In the meantime consult a lawyer asap

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