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No respect for me

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I Recently came back from holiday with my husband and I did not have a good time because I was not happy with my body compared to all the women's on the beach. They all mostly had nice bodies and were slim and were pretty wheres I am abit over weight and need toning up and have thread veins on my legs. I knew my husband would be looking at them even thou he is over weight and grey but he does nothing to improve himself and I have to except him like that but I am always saying I need to get things done to myself to improve my image. he never tells me I need anything doing but I know my bad points. we went for a meal and there was a couple and I noticed my husband looking over at the woman and I assume she was with her partner. he said he was looking at what they were eating because it looked like lobster but I asked why did he still keep looking over even when he saw what they had and again he said he was looking at what they were eating but I think he was attracted to her and I noticed when I looked over she was looking back. he done this right in front of me and did not care it would hurt me or show he had any respect for me at all. he as done this in the past when there were a group of women out partying an he kepted looking over at them in front of me even thou he knows I will get jealous. why does he do this. I have thought of divorcing him because it gets me so down and I feel he does not care one bit what it is doing to me. I look at men but I don't keep looking over to hurt him and I show him respect. I dress nice and do my hair and make up so why look at women right under my nose. he knows how I feel about myself and have no confidence. it cuts through me what he does.

No respect for me

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Hello IPMA,

Have you told him how you feel?

I think, from what you say, that the issue is more on how you feel about yourself than what he does (I don't mean to justify his actions).
Each couple have house rules for that kind of stuff. As long as you feel safe with your partner and that your relationship is strong, this kind of stuff shouldn't really matter, unless you have a different kind of agreement.

Communication first. Let him know how you feel and what you expect from him. Most of the time, issues are related to misunderstandings.

I hope this helps you.


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