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Determined to get ex back from new boyfriend

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A few weeks ago my girlfriend split up with me, saying that I hadn't been making her feel like I still loved her like I did, (fully understood as I have had my own problems and on reflection stopped doing the little things she loved). She has quickly gotten into a new relationship with an older guy that she works with, we are due to go on holiday together still with a few of her family, we still get on well but I want to try and get her back. I was planning to propose whilst on holiday, shed hinted at it a few times in recent weeks and I was going to do it but wanted to do it as a surprise, maybe a mistake as I've had to kind of throw her off the scent which may not have helped things. we have both had our struggles since the start of our relationship and my struggles this year have made things difficult for us but I really wanted to get a break away to spend time together as it's something weve never had the chance to do

The problem I am having is that I know first hand that when she loves someone, she will be very difficult to get her to give in and take me back over this guy who she obviously spends a lot of time with and gets along with very well, I have done a lot of the usual get your ex back stuff (no contact, slowly re establishing collection, meeting up, improving myself) but it's hard to compete with someone who she sees all of the time and is obviously in something of a honeymoon period, what do we think my chances are?

Determined to get ex back from new boyfriend

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I think you are missing something

The reason she broke up with you for example.

I am betting that she didn't felt loved is true

I am also betting that a certain someone has already been filling the gaps without you realizing.

By all means fight for her. Give it everything you have and then another 20%
If that doesn't help then remember yourself that noone is worth more than 120% of what you can give.

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