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Should I add her back?

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on Jun 22 2019 at 16:17
Member since: 22 June 2019
Relationship advice My ex and I broke up around 5 years ago, we stayed in touch after and she kept being close to me but then a year after the break up I seen her with someone else and confronted her at which point she said she moved on, this broke my heart so I stopped speaking to her although I didn’t delete her off my social media. Another year after that we slowly started to speak again, then I worked out that the other guy cheated on her, we stayed in touch and she started to get close to me again and even apologised for the way she left, I asked her if there’s any hope for us but she said no, I was really confused cos I didn’t know why she was being close to me, so at that point I told her I can’t handle this anymore and that we need to lose contact so I can move on, we wished each other the best and I deleted her off all my social media and that was when we lost touch around 2 years ago. I’ve never moved on since her and I hadn’t heard from her since then, but a few weeks ago she started following me on Social media, I followed her back but she didnt message me or anything although I could see that she has been active, so 3 days later I deleted her but kinda regret it after. A part of me wants to add her back but I have my doubts because I don’t want her to break my heart again but at the same time I still miss her, I’m so confused. I’m not sure if she feels anything. Did I do the right thing or should I add her back?

Should I add her back?

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on Jun 26 2019 at 19:14
Member since: 24 May 2019
Have you improved yourself in regards to the reasons that ended your last relationship?

Should I add her back?

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on Jun 27 2019 at 13:44
Member since: 27 December 2013
Don’t jump to conclusion just because someone may have been curious.

You have spent an immense amount of time and effort to make this work, but she has not really made a move to start up something, so find another relationship.

Identify what it is you liked about that time and place in the past you felt so strongly about and bring it into today.... With another person

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