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on Jun 27 2019 at 17:25
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Other advice I moved to Canada when I was 12 from the middle east. When I started school in Canada I had no friends, I was shy and scared of my new surrounding. 3 years go by and I still didn't make any friends. People thought of me as a shy girl who was lonely and probably had some ties with a terrorist organization, so they stayed away. Eventually, I started high school and made some Hispanic friends. I thought things were going to be fine until they started making fun of my culture and called all of my people terrorists. So after that incident i decided i wanted to switch schools and i did. I made one friend there as well but eventually we fell out of touch and she made new friends. I worked full time for 2 years after to try and save money to get out of this city. And then i got in touch with my aunt in England after 9 years. I told her everything that happened to me. She said she felt bad for me and wanted me to move in with her in England and continue my education there. When I move to England, after a month, she told me to move out since she couldn't afford me any longer. So I started hunting for an accommodation on my own and found one. Eventually, a year or two after i cut ties with my aunt and tried to enjoy my life in England. I tried to make the best of my situation and graduated with first class honors. After that i started to think that things would get better. However, i ran out of money and had to move back to Canada and live with my parents again. It's been 13years and i still haven't gone back to the middle east. I still don't have any friends and I'm still working in retail, trying to make money so i can get out of this city for good. I guess my question is what can i do to get my life on a good or even an ok track?
Life advice
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