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Question of my own

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Long Distance Relationship advice I want to know if my guy loves me back or not?

We met when we were in the same class ..
Unfortunately one have to come to another city ..
We learnt about each other perfectly when we are apart .
I expressed to him that I love him but he is not moved on from his past relationship..

I know him past from almost two years

If I describe my (now) relation with him's on a smooth way
(We talk to each other whenever we are free(almost daily),he gives me special treatment ,we go to meet each other often ,love each other's a relationship having love bonds )

But he doesn't express that he loves me ...
Whenever I ask him he says "I can't ..I love you as a friend but don't stop loving me ...I like you "

Can anyone PLEASE help advising for this ???

Question of my own

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Long distanced relationships are difficult to have. You need to spend as much time together as possible to build up a commitment. It can’t be done by messaging or texting.

Is there a real need for you to be assured of his feelings with an “I love you” statement? He sounds like he needs more time to move this friendship into something more.

Give it 6 more months.

Question of my own

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Okayyy ...

Yaa you are correct ....
Only sometimes I think a lot ..coz I don't want to lose these guy !..

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