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Should I sell my house

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on Jul 18 2019 at 08:03
Member since: 18 July 2019
Emotional advice I’ve been living with my partner now for a year

He’s moved here from Manchester sold his house and has bought our current home I’ve been renting mine out he won’t take any rent from me to help towards the bills

I’m fully aware that this his his home which is fine

The problem is - he wants me to sell my home and pay 20% off his mortgage with the equity then put me on the deeds to cover myself he’s agreed to do this through a solicitor

The problem is he won’t look at my point of view which is for me to keep my home rented out for another year j

This is because I’ve had a bad experience in the past regarding my ex husband who tried to take my home from me and leave me financially unstable

I’m worried that If I sell my house and things don’t work with my partner I’ll be back in a vulnerable place

I’m a hairstylist so not on a good wage

He’s got a highly payed job

I feel that iits about me making a commitment to him as he resents me holding on to my home (security)

Maybe I should just go for it and jump in ?

Should I sell my house

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on Jul 18 2019 at 17:47
Member since: 27 December 2013
Listen to your gut. You only have one year with this guy. That’s not enough time to really know him, plus he’s already reveled that he sees “absorbing” you financially is the best plan.

Pay a monthly stipend as contributing towards household expenses. He can do what he wants with that extra money.

Don’t give up your other home. Consider it your retirement fund.

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