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Hard life

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on Jul 18 2019 at 19:18
Member since: 18 July 2019
Relationship advice I feel down at the moment because I feel such a failure in life. I left school with no qualifications and done cleaning jobs and looked after other peoples kids and that's about it. Im middle age and look back and see where I didn't put in the time or energy to better myself and now im paying the price. my 3 children have all been to university so have done well going there and I really want them to have a better life then me which they have so far because when I was there age I was having them and settled down at 22, far far to young. my son as got a girlfriend and her parents are well off, have really good lives and only have the one child. my son is moving in with his girlfriend and all myself and husband can offer them is a house plant and a card, no money to help them on there way, nothing and I feel such a let down to him. I wished I could give him so much but we can't and I blame myself for not doing anything better with my life. I compare our lives to her parents and my husband says I shouldn't but I see that we have nothing at all compared to them. my husband is a sales rep but needs new clothes and shoes but bills have to be paid first. im seeking work nut I know all I will get is the same jobs ive had before. I feel I have a hard life and im meant to suffer. my husband gets me down and neglects himself like he needs to go the dentist because he as not been in years but he wont go and he as terrible dry skin his feet but wont put anything on them to make them better and he does not seem bothered to ever get things done to himself when he should. I see my sons girlfriends dad and I see that he looks after himself and wonder why I ended up with a life that's hard and a husband that has not much to offer me and doesn't care about himself much.

Hard life

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on Jul 26 2019 at 18:21
Member since: 26 July 2019
Hi i hope you understand my english because im not good in expressing my self in english. Everything has a reason you should be thankfull of what you have here in the philippines many child are Living under the bridge some are sleeping in sematary. If your son is not asking for anything you should not worry. Love, affection and care is the greatest offer you can offer to your son and his girlfriend.

Past is past you must live in no regrets because life is too short. Think about your future and not bringing up the past of you. Work hard. And believe in yourself.

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