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Very confused married man

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on Jul 19 2019 at 06:29
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Relationship advice Hi everyone,

I’m a 47 year old male married for 15 years and I’m so frustrated about my marriage. I love my wife even though she puts me through hell daily. I’ll get straight to the problem. She tells me she hates me but then does nice stuff for me. She has asked me to leave that she no longer wants me around and I refuse to leave due to my kids. But then she gets upset if I go fishing with my buddies. She calls me an a__hole constantly but then sends me funny texts at times. She hasn’t slept in our bed for about 4-6 weeks now but then asks me to go for a walk with her. The weirdest thing is that she’s invited her self to take charge of my parents 50th anniversary in a few weeks but why would she do that is she wants me to be gone from her life? I don’t want to go on and on but I’m trying to give as much info in a short paragraph. To add she also said tonight “I’ll always be a bit__ to you and then 15 min later send me a funny text as if nothing had happened. Anyway any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Very confused married man

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on Jul 30 2019 at 23:55
Member since: 30 July 2019
I think she's trying to push you away to stir up an argument between you two. What sort of funny texts does she send? Does she get on with your parents?

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