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Weight problem

My partner has an issue with fat people and thinks they are disgusting.I was 19 and under 10 stone when I met him. Over the years I gained weight and lost it.I had two daughters by c section and gained 3 stone with each pregnancy. I always lost the weight quickly and went back to my pre pregnancy weight or below it. However, maintaining my weight was tough. After my youngest daughter was born(11 years ago) I started to gain weight slowly over the years. I am now 3 and a bit stone over what I was when he met me. When my partner is angry with me he calls me a fat bitch, lard arse etc He constantly complains about my weight and watches what I eat. I have to hide shop receipts so he doesn't see them because I may have bought a chocolate bar. He nags me to exercise. I comfort eat sometimes and I don't have time for exercise because I am busy. I have lied about my weight for so long and I did admit I lied but only added a little on top of what I said I weigh. He is starting to get suspicious and today is demanding I weigh myself in front of him. I can't because he will see the full extent of my lies. It is my daughter's birthday tomorrow so I don't want it ruined. If he finds out he will be beyond angry, my life will be miserable and he will probably hate me. He may even leave me. I shouldn't have lied but him knowing the truth will be awful. I am suffer with depression and anxiety and I think this doesn't help with my eating habits. I am not happy with the way I look but I want to lose weight for me not because my partner wants a slim partner. I can't tell anyone so I feel better getting it off my chest.

Weight problem

dump his ass

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