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My future needs help now. Advice!!!!

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Other advice I'm 25 years old few months to my 26th birthday. I had my bachelor's degree 2016. My family help me a lot during my studies out of my home country. After graduation I decided to go back home so I can help my elder brother who is a business man and he needed help because it was a new business at that time and to hire an employee will be costly for a beginner.
We came to the understanding that I'm going work for him for sometime then he will help me further my education (masters studies) abroad. That's he was going to pay for my visa fee and and school fee for the first year then I will take it from there because I'm probably gonna get a part time job.

It's been three years already I'm with him but no signs of him helping me out, business is on the next level. Just that he married a year and half ago, and his wife is expecting a baby this year. So he said he needs to concentrate on his family for now, that I should stay with him for another year or two. (Still not certain). Plus the relationship between me, him and his wife has deteriorated, lack of trust, blames, and small issue becomes a big thing. He's my elder brother for sure.

I saved some money already but it's not gonna be enough for my visa fees, flight, school fee and accommodation.

I just want help on the next action I should take. Should I just leave him and struggle by myself to complete the money or should I just have patients and see what he has for me?

Please any suggestions will help me a lot.

My future needs help now. Advice!!!!

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Was there an agreement between you two?

You might remind him of it. Then set a time deadline for going on your own way - with or without his $$ help. Do this with kindness and live, but be firm.

You have done enough. Time to take care of your own future.

My future needs help now. Advice!!!!

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There was no written agreement between us. But there was a verbal understanding between us, and other members of the family is aware about it. My sisters advised me to leave. But as u said I need to be firm before I leave and kindness.

I'm considering telling him at the end of this year..
Thanks very much for your ideas.

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