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Husband and his attractive coworker

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on Jul 30 2019 at 23:22
Member since: 30 July 2019
Relationship advice One of my husband's coworkers, a very attractive single female recently moved to the same street as us. She keeps asking my husband for lifts to their workplace which is 1 hours drive away, due to her car being out of action which my husband agreed to for a week. She keeps texting my husband over the weekend to ask for more lifts and ending her texts with a kiss x. I would never text my work colleagues and end with a X. Is this something I should worry about?

Husband and his attractive coworker

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on Jul 31 2019 at 21:07
Member since: 06 March 2016
This isn't about how inappropriate she is. She's obviously not concerned about being professional, or even considerate. But the real question is: Do you trust your husband? Because he needs to set a hard boundary with her. You shouldn't need to tall him to do that, because he should have already done that. But here you are. No need to get jealous or issue ultimatums. Just remind him he's an adult, with a wife and family, and a career. He shouldn't be putting any of you in that position in the first place. Give a coworker a lift? Of course. But keep it professional and stop with the texts. But honestly, it sounds like she's taking advantage at this point, so whatever help he's already given should be sufficient. Tell him how you feel, ask him how he'd feel if it were you doing this, and see how he handles it. The answer is in how he reacts and what actions he takes.

Husband and his attractive coworker

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on Aug 1 2019 at 22:17
Member since: 27 December 2013
Ask her over for dinner. Then you will be able to see their interactions.

My guess is that she’s a young, dizzy girl who doesn’t know boundaries. Show her you are the alpha female in this triangle, but do it with gentle firmness.

Then find her a boyfriend.

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