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My girlfriend chased by dog

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on Jul 31 2019 at 14:40
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Relationship advice Hi

My girlfriend walks her dog everyday, one night they were being chased by one of her neighborhood’s dog. That dog bit someone couple days ago. She’s said she would talk to the owner. I am really worried about her now and offering to walk with her every night for about 2 weeks to make sure, then decide upon the situation. She thinks we have schedule conflicts and didn’t want my offer at the beginning. As her boyfriend, I will do whatever it take or however long to protect her. Even after the 2 weeks period and everything seems fine, I was still planning to walk with her maybe once or twice a week just in case. Her rely was that 2 weeks isn’t enough. She wouldn’t volunteer if it isn’t planning to do it everyday.

So I want to ask is 2 weeks not enough in this case and am I not qualified to be her boyfriend for not committing to everyday?

My girlfriend chased by dog

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on Jul 31 2019 at 21:10
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I am so confused....

What exactly are you asking?

My girlfriend chased by dog

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on Aug 1 2019 at 22:05
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She has experienced a trauma. Perhaps she needs additional help from a counselor - plus a different route to walk her dog.

Every day for two weeks and then twice a week is very generous of you. Encourage her to talk to a trained professional about this experience.

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