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Not Inlove?

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Relationship advice Long story, short.
My boyfriend of 3 and a half years told me last night that he loves me but is not inlove with me. When i asked what he means by that he couldnt give me any more information on it, maybe he felt uncomfortable because he saw i got upset?
The rest of the evening he continued to act as if he never said it and as if things were normal?
Please help, has anyone ever experienced this before? is the relationship basically over?

Not Inlove?

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It’s unfair that he said that to you and then didn’t explain what he means and he’s left you to dwell on what he said! Which isn’t fair especially since he saw you were upset.

He could be insecure and confused about his feelings. It’s hard work going out with someone who is insecure and theres is no excuse. Maybe he’s left you emotionally but he can’t do the dumping (sorry).

I’d talk to him firmly, tell him how you’ve been feeling since he told you that , and that he needs to be honest with you (mainly for your sanity) so your not left wondering.

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