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on Aug 6 2019 at 10:38
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Relationship advice My husband gets five weeks off every year. We stay away a few times a month on the weekends at a travelodge which is the cheapest place to stay most of the time. We had a couple of days away in April this year in a nice hotel not a travelodge then in June we had a week abroad but I ruined it because of my insecurity. I got jealous he was looking at other women in front of me. Now everyone is going away and going for ten days to two weeks and I'm really feeling it. I feel jealous and we would of had longer away but we moved house a couple of months back and could not afford any longer then a week abroad. He is taking two days off at the end of this month and we will just go to another travelodge somewhere. Then in September he said we will try to get abroad again. that will be all his holidays used up then. I feel it seems so long away and he said it will be cheaper and all the kids will be back at school and not so busy. I feel he would not take time off if I did not keep going on about it. I'm jealous because other people go away and don't argue like we did because I started it and come back all happy not like we did. I'm not always like that but I have ruined a few weekends away and it's because I start when I have had a drink. We have stayed at bed and breakfast in the past but feel because its someone else's house we can't relax properly. Anyway how much time do other peoples partners take off and how do they spread there time over the year if they get 5 weeks off like my husband. He said he trys to spread the time out over the year as best as he can.
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on Aug 7 2019 at 10:37
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Spreading his holiday over the year sounds like the best idea.

I don’t think comparing your lives to others and other couples is particularly helpful because you just don’t know what going on in other people’s lives, how happy they are or how much they argue.

I think if it’s holidays you want and both enjoy then learn to enjoy them more and try to improves on your insecurities. You seem to have an idea as to what triggers you negative thoughts (not all thoughts are true) and alcohol doesn’t help.

Have you tried looking air Bnb,? they have different price ranges with review.

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