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My ex broke up with me all of a sudden

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on Aug 11 2019 at 13:41
Member since: 11 August 2019
Relationship advice My ex and I were together for 18 months and we were good. Had some down moments but we worked through this. I have recently moved iced she started masturabting alot next to me when she thought I was sleeping worst of it she was on Facebook looking at ex's guys photos ect, I felt like utter crap and worthless but i didnt feel like she has cheated but it ruined my self esteem. So I gave myself some time to think on how I would approach this. When I finally confronted her few weeks after it, she didn't give me any anwsers to my questions and said that the spark is gone and wanted to call time. I stay with her parents at the time and that night she went home got my stuff and I was out the door. She blocked all contact and her family which I all got on with did the same. I had to take time off work next day to go down to housing and apply for homeless accompidation. I work with her also and when I got to work I tried to talk things through and she just says she has made her descion. I want her back coz I can't think of one bad thing about her and blaming myself as maybe I shouldn't have pushed her away. She never let me know she felt like this until now. I do still love her but I need help I can't eat, sleep, think straight just so confused. Any advice?

My ex broke up with me all of a sudden

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on Aug 11 2019 at 15:48
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Well it’s not nice how she’s treated you and I can see why you are feeling low in self esteem. She’s cut all ties (apart from working with you) without telling you why and you were put in a hard situation where you had no home...

It sounds like she had already left the relationship emotionally but couldn’t end the relationship, maybe she found it hard or she was confused but she wasn’t honest and kept the relationship going. It was only when you confronted her that she ended the relationship because it was made easy for her.

if she was looking up pics of her ex then it sounds like she’s not moved on from him.

Its not going to be easy working with her, could you distract your self by talking to someone else? I think distancing yourself from her will be a good thing so you can go through the grieving process. And update on here if you want :-).

My ex broke up with me all of a sudden

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on Aug 11 2019 at 15:54
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My friend, you have been dumped!

Concentrate on self survival - housing first.

No friend to crash on their sofa while you get a paycheck? No savings?

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