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Is my partner controlling?

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Relationship advice Recently I had an argument with my partner because I was not in the mood for sex. This is a rare occasion and we had had a lovely close day together. However all day long he was trying to jump me and for personal reasons I didn’t want sex.

We then sat down later in the day and he started going on about it and kept questioning why I don’t want it, until I started to become wound up. He then proceeded to accuse me of getting wound up and that he is simply asking me in a loving manner what the problem is (it was not loving it was just getting draining cos he wouldn’t let up). This often happens where he pushes and pushes me about something until I become upset, and then I get accused of overreacting.

So, I became wound up and pissed off, and accused him of being controlling , at which he goes mad and calls me a c**t.
I walk out and he follows me telling me where I can go. I tell him where to stick it and leave. I then try to explain later by text that I really take issue with being called names and that he knows that (As I’ve been in psychologically abusive relationship once in my past).
He tells me he’s bored of listening to me and that I can go f***k myself.
Then texts ‘sorry about that’ later on.

I’m really struggling with this whole escapade and don’t know how to handle it, as I’m unlikely to receive any heartfelt apology or understanding. If anything I will get cold treatment for not understanding HIM.
Please help

Is my partner controlling?

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Hmm yes it sounds like if he doesn’t get his own way, he then throws a tantrum and picks a fight with you and calls you named. Not to mention being very aggressive. (I like that you walked away from him btw). He’s never going to apologise. Apologising by text is a very easy thing to do.

Was it really a nice day together if he kept pushing for sex when you already told him no?

You say you’ve been in physiologically abusive relationship before I have a feeling this is another. Victims do going from abuses relationships to abusive relationships and they attract bullies.

Go a Narcissistic relationships see if he matches the traits.

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