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What's going on???

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on Aug 17 2019 at 21:19
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Other advice Hey y'all so here's my problem, a while ago I met a girl through her lovely twin sister who hoped we would become friends as well. At first we were cool and all, noticed she was slightly perverted, like to talk to me and post pictures revealing some of her chest and just fetishised men dressing as women a lot. Yet it was nothing related to me so I let my opinions settle in my gut.

A little more into the developing friendship I learn that she's has 6 past relationships and that she cut out a lot of friendships to keep me closer and wanted me to do the same. Didn't like hearing me say that wasn't going to happen but oh well. After that she would say 'I love you' or 'you are my best friend' and tried to guilt me because I wouldn't say it back like a good friend would (according to her). I just reminded her that I barely know her so much and remind her that I don't trust people easily, she'd say she forgot because her memory was a short as a fish's. Ok...

She ended up introducing me to her male best friend and when he confessed he wanted to know me in a romantic way, she sympathized me nearly into a relationship with him. I mean she was way more insistent than he was, since he didn't complain when I said, "this might be my first relationship so I'm not going to jump right in after barely knowing you.". Turns out she knew he liked her way before he met me and grabbed him up when he felt like he was close enough of forgetting her and told her and was focusing more on me. He told me before he did so I would know more or less, but after a full 2 months with him she confessed that she was in a relationship with him by pity and that he was whore for not breaking up with me. Told her he been done it and she paused and started to cry and apologize, whatever I wanted to bounce but she said she had no one else and she was scared. So I stayed but tried to detach from the friendship but couldn't.

It's been almost a whole year now and nowadays she gets mad when I don't answer her withing 30 minutes, and just goes haywire when I'm work and study. I'm conservative and do not trust people knowing everything about me, so when I remain to myself she tries to tell me I'm not ok and I should talk about my problems, and that she tells me everything so she doesn't need to be treated like that. Went from complimenting me in hopes ofe returning it, to demanding I should tell her something pretty about herself even though she want worth it. Also she would now spit how much she doesn't like Americans and try to convince me to hate my mother's nationality (and partially my own) because it's the cruel one. She got scared shitless when I told her off about being a hypocrite about that, said she was sorry she forgot because she has a bad memory and she didn't include me, said the same thing when she said I wasn't Latina enough and that I look old compared to her. She even went far enough to try and separate me from a friend because he was prettier than her and that made her mad. Tried to get me to hook her up with him afterwards.

And she blames it on her culture for her to hate her darker (yellower) skin, and that I'm hers. I myself noticed that I feel detached from her, I don't wait for her messages like I did before and it just feels like I can't even talk to her because she feels like she needs to be better than me.

I think I can go now, but she literally has no friends now, since she pushed them away and the others just used her. Along side that she tried to have me block her ex male bestfriend,who was telling me to be careful with her because she was alone and was becoming narcissistic/insecurely selfish now. But I just don't want to hear bad news about her since she told me once she tried to harm herself when I didn't answer her for a week. I feel bad to say, but one of the main reasons I don't want to go is because of her sister who I knew first, she's completely oblivious to her sister's behavior over me. What do you think is wrong with her? What should I do ? please.

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