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Is it weird to ask a girl you barely know if she wants to keep in touch?

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Emotional advice Hi, this isn’t a big deal. Just something that has been bugging me. I went out with some friends the other night and met this girl. Now I don’t want to sound like a wet lettuce, I meet girls all the time, but for no reason I can place this one seemed special. Like massive attraction or something. We had a great night and exchanged numbers. I texted her the next day and it went back and forth until she went to bed.
The next day I was feeling impulsive and asked her if she wanted to see a film with me. I couple hours later she replied saying sorry but she has to say no. She’s moving to uni in a few weeks and with the stress and how busy she is, doesn’t have the time to go out. She said she had a really nice night and hopes we see eachother again. This is all fair enough. I understand completely and have no problem with it. Even if it is that she just isn’t that interested; I’m okay with that. After I replied saying it’s completely fine and she has nothing to be sorry for, and that I hope I see her again too, I sent another text. I said ‘I know it’s probably strange for me to ask given we have only met once, but would you like to stay in touch as friends? You seem like someone I want to keep in touch with.’
I suppose my question is, is that an okay thing to do? I feel it is personally. But she didn’t reply. It’s not something I’d usually ask a girl, but something about her seemed special and I didn’t want to not ask the question and regret it. I’m probably babbling I’m half asleep lmao

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Is it weird to ask a girl you barely know if she wants to keep in touch?

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It’s an ok thing to do but sounds like she’s already given you an answer politely, and if she’s not replied to your text then i think there’s your answer. She might be really busy but I wouldn’t push anymore.

It might not be to do with you, it sounds like there’s a lot going on at the moment and she’s concentrating on going to uni as it takes time to settle in, especially if it’s her first year. And depending on where she going she might think the distance is too far?

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