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Nosy neighbour?

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I have a neighbor that is a woman who i would say since i have met she has been nice etc she sometimes comes over to mine to chat to my boyfriend i don't mind at all and i just stay in the room, while they're having conversations who is close to my boyfriend not close as in close close but she does come over here sometimes to give him food etc have convo , and talk if they see each other in the neighbourhood. Now let's get to tonight somethings unexpected happened , she was over and my bf was cooking dinner i was in the room just watching tv and chilling and on my phone while she was chatting with him she comes over to my room and start chatting saying she's seen me outside bla bla. Let's get to the point tonight while having dinner after it was cooked my bf brings it over to me in the room i always need extra side with my dinner that is chilli so i go over to the kitchen and end up in full on conversations about everything and anything mind you i had 2 glasses of wine not drunk just sitting there eating chatting away with me my bf and her. I don't if I'm overreacting but she starts being smarts ass towards me mind you she has been here before once i told her all my life story personal shit like i have been in foster care and once i turned 18 i had my own unit here etc i also have carers that supports me 3 days a week to attend college, so we're deep into conversations she starts saying like why do you need carers your 24 your an adult i have see other kids in foster care moving on in life and doing great things and i said are you saying I'm fucked jokingly she just brushed it off so we continue chatting and then she said she knows this disable girl who is so hairy on her legs and that area and she's in wheelchair she has achieved diplomas etc and doing great i was like wow that's good she's motivated amazing etc and then she's like i can introduce you to her also mind you i recently started a course in Community Services and i have told her this when we were chatting at the start etc. So me thinking this lady is being a smart ass i tried to play the game she was playing basically am overreacting or was she trying to put me down what do you guys think? There is more to this i can keep going but those comment she made me feel weird in a way like i am not worth having these support workers and she thinks i dont need it because I'm 24 yrs old and i should basically be mature. I have my personal history being in foster etc i don't want to go over that. After she left i was literally yelling on top of my lungs asking my bf if she was trying to make me feel low and i dont know smartass also i tried killing myself 5 weeks ago and since i got discharged i got into this course commumity services and i have been attending 3 days a week usually with my mental health etc i sometimes struggle for her to come over and be little me i felt sad and she herself has been a support worker previously so i don't understand how you can say things like that to someone who is struggling mind you she doesn't even know except 2 twice she visited. What do you guys think am i overreacting?

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