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Boyfriend removes me as friend from Snapchat and im worried sick!

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Relationship advice Me and my boyfriend got together 4 days ago. We decided to hide our relationship at school since the popular girls are going to bully me if they find out because my boyfriend is one of the popularest guys at school. Yesterday a guy in my class had to sit by me because of an assignment the teacher told us to do. Another guy that sat behind me started shipping us. Of course, he didnt know about my relationship with the popularest guy at school. I had to read what i wrote for the assignment but i didnt want to since it was reffering to something. So the guy I had to work with, took my pc and started reading out loud. I tried to take the pc away and when I got it the guy behind me was going like "Ohh flirting!" and yelling that I like the guy and he likes me. My boyfriend, which sits on the right side behind me took a book infron of his face and turned to the side. I saw him getting kinda red and when he took the book away he looked down kinda angry and emotionless. As i got home i sended a snap asking him whats up. Then I saw that he removed me as a friend from snapchat. I knew that the only reason because of this is the things the guy behind me said.

So now im really afraid that he thinks im cheating on me. My two bestfriends which know about this, think thathe is really sad and that he is crying himself to sleep and all that.

I kind off think that too because my friends keep on telling me how special I am for him. They say he always stares at me when i dont look like i am the world to him and that he rejects every girl that comes close to him. They also say that he was a playboy before and that he never ever treated a girl like me. Which means that i am really special to him.

Now im really worried sick. My stomach hurts and my heart pouns very fast.

What should I do? Should i go to his house? or should i ignore him? I will appreciate all help.

Boyfriend removes me as friend from Snapchat and im worried sick!

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Of course you should contact him and discuss the situation.;I think going to his house and discussing this in person would be best.

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