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I’d like to date at least once before I loose all my teeth

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on Sep 3 2019 at 21:54
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Emotional advice I really need advice. I’m not attractive, not pretty. I’m kind of nice, but that’s it. I’m not saying this in an I-want-confirmation-that-I-am-pretty kind of way. I am actually truly not pretty. And I have zero self confidence.

I grew up with tons of male friends but since starting university, I have not gotten close to any males and can’t even TRY to interact with them. I’m that girl that’s just not dateable and guys pretty much just don’t approach me for anything. But I want to date. I want to try the whole relationship thing at least once. I really don’t even know where to start. A glow-up? Anxiety therapy? Losing weight? (I’m overweight). Being myself? I don’t even know what kind of person I really am. I want to try makeup but I’m worried about the reaction of my friends. In conclusion, I’m a truly pathetic person. Any advice please?

I’d like to date at least once before I loose all my teeth
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on Sep 4 2019 at 16:07
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Hmmm I think the first thing you need to change is how you see yourself and not be so negative. It’s probably a bad habit you’ve got into. You can actually attract the wrong kind of guy if they pick up on how low you self confidence is. Not what you want! Yes, counselling can help with this.

You’ve got to like your self first and be comfortable in your own skin to be before going into a relationship. And always be yourself because guys will want to see the real you. Don’t rush it either, it will happen when it happens.

You can make improvements to your self, like if you want to loose weight, find a few exercises you enjoy so it doesn’t become boring. I walk, run and swim whilst listening to music or an iPod which helps.

For make up, YouTube is usually good place to go and then experiment, I’d say go natural try one thing at a time and find out what you like. Or you could ask a girl friend ( who you trust) to help you.

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