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My problemo or situation

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on Sep 10 2019 at 06:21
Member since: 10 September 2019
S-e-x advice Okay so this is the situation. I fucked a escort (which was ugly as fuck but still went with it) with a condom about two months ago... and now I saw and recognized her while I was working (fast food restaurant)I'm not sure if she recognized me but i think she might of because I'm kind of good looking (not to brag) and well i'm kind of paranoid now so this is what I think.

1. She tracked my phone number (that's hoe I contacted her) and found out where I worked... I honestly don't think this could be because she doesn't look the type to think that way.

2. She came to tell me that she gave me an std or something which I discard aswell because I don't think a cheap escort will go through those troubles.

3.She got pregnant and want to put it on me...?? Could be but it would be crazy. There's two ways I think that this could be possible.

3.1. She had a hole in the condom( i don't think this could be because she didn't know how I looked before we met and I made sure she didn't do any funny bussiness with the condom (unless she had one prepared for such a situation)

3.2 After I finished she took the condom from my penis and I'm not sure if she threw it away... What I think is that she might of put the semen from the used condom back into her vagina to get pregnant with me and maybe she wants to settle down with a "cute" guy and make me pay for everything...

The reason why I'm all paranoid is because when she went to the restaurant she went for water first, then minutes pass and she orders a sandwich, then minutes pass and she orders another one as if she was waiting for something.

I completly ignored her because I thought she was gonna want to fuck me but now I realize what it could be.

Am I to paranoid? Could it have been a coincidence? She saw my shirt from work when i fucked her so she already knew but I didn't expect her to remember... maybe she doesn't.

I don't think anyone is stupid enough to try and get a baby from a fast food employee.

Long story short she was there for quite a time and i felt she recognized me. I don't care that she recognized me but why did she stay there so long.

Maybe She was waiting for someone else idk.

I need a second opinion on the matter.

Ps: Im not native english so if it weirdly written Sorry

My problemo or situation
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on Sep 13 2019 at 13:10
Member since: 27 December 2013
It’s called a “customer followup” She’s a pro and this is her business.

(Don’t forget you PAID for her services.)

Your imagination is running wild. Get a complete physical to rule out an STD. All the other concerns are emotional and unlikely. (Pregnancy)

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